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He Who Must Not Be Named .US

Social Hacking Instructions:


  1. Use “He Who Must Not Be Named” instead of naming Donald Trump!

    1. Any time you hear or would say President Trump, hear or say “He Who Must Not Be Named”!

    2. In any text, graphic, photo or video, replace Donald Trump with “He Who Must Not Be Named”!

  2. Do not stop!

  3. Pass it on!


(Denying a narcissist whose name is his brand the satisfaction of seeing and hearing his name is amusing resistance, and "He Who Must Not Be Named" communicates a lot about Donald Trump and his nature to myriad Harry Potter fans.)

"Voldemort was nowhere near as bad" as Donald Trump. - J. K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter books

Inspired by WeCanChange.US

To make it fun and easy, download a free and vetted extension for Chrome at the Google Chrome Store which substitutes "He Who Must Not Be Named" for Trump's name in desktop browser content.

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